For hikers there are two nature trails available for their enjoyment; Big Oak Nature Trail and Beaver Lodge Nature Trail.

The Big Oak Nature Trail is about a quarter of a mile long and is suitable for use by senior citizens and small children and will be enjoyed by all nature lovers. It starts near Youth Camp No. 2 in the River Bend Area.

It features the largest white oak tree in Oklahoma. Approximately 300 years old, the tree is over 21 feet in circumference and 107 feet high. It is enclosed by a log fence and log benches have been placed close by so the trail walkers may rest and contemplate. The trail crosses a small creek spanned by a redwood bridge.

The rugged and beautiful Beaver Lodge Nature Trail is a two-way trail located near the River Bend Area and is approximately one mile long. It may be entered either from the road below the spillway, or from a gravel road below the dam. The trail winds along a clear stream through a valley surrounded by pine-covered hills. In addition to the shortleaf and loblolly pine, the hills are covered with deciduous trees such as red oak, hickory, sweetgum, ash, elm, and red maple. The stream is a haven for beaver and muskrat. Scenic attractions on the trail include a beaver lodge, for which the trail is named and a log beaver dam. From time to time, the patient and quiet hiker may see deer; squirrels, rabbits, a variety of birds, and other wildlife. Wildflowers, ferns and mosses are abundant along the stream, especially in the springtime. A log bridge crosses the creek.

The two trails have been marked to help guide individual visitors. Arrangements for guided tours may be made at the Project Office located near the dam or by calling the project Manager. Advance notice is required for guided tours for large groups. Vehicles are not allowed on the trails.

Nature Hiking in McCurtain County 

The mountains, forests, lakes and rivers of McCurtain County Oklahoma create a wonderland of nature hiking. We offer a wide variety of trails from short and easy interpretive hikes to more challenging mountain trails.

Beavers Bend Resort Park, located north of Broken Bow has hiking trails and nature trails. These trails range in length and skill level. All Hikers are asked to check in at the>Forest Heritage Center and pick up a complete trail guide before heading out to the trails. The hiking trails are marked with white tree blazes; and the nature trails are marked with blue on white blazes.

Hiking Trails are as follows:

  • South Park-Beaver Creek: 1 mile; fairly easy to walk.
  • Beaver Creek-Junction with South Park: 1 mile; easy to walk.
  • Beaver Creek Crossing-Highway 259A (Deer Crossing): 1.5 miles; challenging, several steep climbs.
  • Deer Cross-Cedar Bluff: About 2 miles; some climbs, but not extremely steep.
  • Cedar Bluff-Beaver Lodge Trail: About 6 miles; challenging lots of steep grades.
  • Skyline Trail: About 6 miles; it crosses steep terrain and is for experienced hikers only.
  • David Boren Hiking Trail: (DBHT) The southern 12 miles of the DBHT run from the low-water dam at the south end of Beavers Bend to the Beaver Lodge Nature Trail that runs from the hydro-electric dam to the spillway. The trail was built from south to north. Keep in mind that this trail does not loop around to the starting point.

Nature Trails are as follows:

  • Cedar Bluff Nature Trail: 1 mile; easy to walk.
  • Dogwood Nature Trail: 1 mile; fairly easy to walk.
  • Forest Heritage Trail: 1.1 mile; fairly easy to walk but does have some climbs.
  • Pine Ridge Nature Trail: ¾ mile long; fairly easy to walk has two up hill grades and two down hill grades. This trail does not loop around.
  • Beaver Lodge Nature Trail: 1 mile; fairly easy to walk. This trail does not loop around to starting point.

Cedar Creek Golf Course

The Cedar Creek Golf Course is the kind of golf course one would imagine finding in a pristine, pine-laden wilderness. And, in fact, the 18 holes that constitute Cedar Creek Golf Course were literally carved out of the wilds (the golf course abuts the Wilderness Area).

Golf Digest Magazine gave Cedar Creek Golf Course a 4 ½ Star rating out of 5 Stars.

Fairways cascade through stands of pine, oak, and hickory and past deer, fox and wild turkey. More than one hole offers a fine view of Broken Bow Lake and the occasional glimpse of bald eagles. The Cedar Creek Golf Course is known for its narrow fairways and wooded roughs. The par 72 course has a pro shop, resident pro, and chart and club rentals. Located nine miles north of the town of Broken Bow on US-259, a large sign announces its entrance and the clubhouse lies at the end of the road, about 3 ½ miles east of the highway.

– Hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in season, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. off season
– No tee times are required!
– Call 580-494-6456